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Youth Programs

Hobby Quest Aviation Class

Description: Join the professionals of Hobby Quest in this eight week once a week class where you will learn to build your own aircraft and delight as it soars overhead. Our young aviators will build high-flying balsa wood motorized airplanes that can climb to altitudes as far up as four stories. Sleek, fast, and efficient, these crafts shoot toward the sun in rocket-like ascent. During this program the child will build four planes that fly and will be theirs for keeping to take home to fly on their own. Besides building and flying cool model airplanes participants will also learn about the history of flight and what the future of aviation might look like. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a flight expert. Build it! Fly it! Keep it!


Day: Monday's
Dates: March 7th-April 25, 2016
Ages: 5-12
Location: Marasco Center (Town Hall Complex 555 Union Avenue)
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Hobby Quest Magic Class

Description: Join the professionals of Hobby Quest in this eight week once a week fun filled class to discover the magician in you!  You will learn everything you need to know to be a REAL magician!  Discover how you can amaze your friends and family by picking things right out of their mind – from what color they choose to how old they are!  Astound your audiences by making a coin disappear under a glass, or magically changing the color of a scarf right before their very eyes!  In this class you will learn all of the secrets tightly guarded by magicians for centuries, so you too can be a true illusionist!  You’ll even get to show off your new magic skills to your friends and family at the end of the session in a special magic show!  Don’t wait, sign up and become a magician today! Learn it!  Perform it!  Keep it!


Day: Thursday's
Dates: March 10th-April 28th, 2016
Ages: 5-12
Location: Marasco Center (Town Hall Complex 555 Union Avenue)
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Tennis Lessons

Description: Learn the fundamentals of the game of tennis from coach Carmella Rupp. This eight week program will teach participants proper grip, fore-hand, back-hand, and serving techniques as well as allow players to hone their new skills by playing matches. Call 565-7750 for more information.

Monday's Ages years old 7-10 4:30-6:00pm (No class May 30)

Tuesday's ages 11-15 years old 4:30-6:00pm

Fee:$50 NW Res

$60 non NW Res

Day: See Above
Dates: April 11-June 6, 2016
Ages: 7-15
Time:See Above
Location: San Giacomo Park Tennis Courts
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Co-Ed Spring Outdoor Soccer Program

Description: This nine week co-ed soccer program plays one game per week and focuses on teamwork and having fun while learning how to play the game the right way.  Volunteer coaches are always needed so please let us know if you are interested. Please call 565-7750 if you are interested in coaching.

Fee:$50 NW Res

$60 non NW Res

Dates: April 13-June 8, 2016
Ages: 5-11
Time:6 or 7pm
Location: Kristi Babcock Memorial Park (formerly the Mt. Airy Sports Complex)
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Spring After School Golf Class
Golf Class

Description:This golf program is for ages 5-16 years of age and is an ideal way to introduce children to the sport of golf. Program will teach the basic technique of the swing such as grip, posture, stance, and ball striking, putting and chipping using fun training methods. Rubber training balls are used for class and clubs are not required. Space is extremely limited to five students per session. For more information please call Linda at 914-879-0008.


Day: Tuesday's or Thursday's
Dates: May 10 -June 9th
Ages: 5-16
Location: Ruscitti Park
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